Process To Obtain Approvals To Construct A New House In Bethel

Bethel Health Department can direct you to the Public Records where information concerning soil testing may be in the property file. At present, these documents are kept in the Building Department office and BHD staff can assist you in reviewing your file.
  • If the file contains little or no soil data, then BHD typically requires soil testing with a Professional Engineer.
  • If accurate soil data is on file, BHD will require a Professional Engineer prepare detail design plans or
  • Septic design plan prepared by a licensed installer (on lots with no Areas of Special Concern).
  • Review of PE or Installer plan by BHD staff. Allow 10 to 15 working days for completion.
  • Septic Permit issued upon determination of Public Health Code compliance.
  • Notification to the Building Department, which allows building project to proceed.
  • Notification to the Building Department after a septic system/well has been installed properly and approved by BHD so that the Building Department can issue a Certificate of Occupancy. Required information includes confirmation of the following:
  1. Valid well permit issued
  2. Well completion report provided by well driller
  3. Satisfactory well water test analysis (bacterial and chemical)
  4. Valid septic permit signed by a licensed installer
  5. Submission of an as-built drawing of the septic system as installed
  6. Completion of the Permit to Discharge by BHD staff as verification to the Building Department that BHD has no objection to issuance of a C of O
See: TOWN OF BETHEL PERMIT OVERVIEW for additional information.

Planning & Zoning or Engineering/Public Works Department websites for their permit processes.