Process To Obtain Approval For A Building Addition And/Or Accessory Structure

(Note: Applicants can obtain applications and work on approvals from BHD, P&Z and Engineering/Public Works at the same time as noted above)

The CT Public Health Code requires BHD to review applications for building additions or new accessory structures on all properties served by septic systems and/or private wells. The concern is to not damage the existing septic components, to protect the private wells and to identify and protect potential leaching areas before approval of any activity on the property.

Prior to going to the Building Department, an applicant must complete the following Health Department process:
  • Obtain a current set of application documents from the Administrative Assistant who can help explain the process as it applies to your specific project.
  • Completely fill out application forms. A complete form with all information requested will help speed the review process. You will need to review you property file in the Public Records currently kept in the Building Department.
  • Attach documentation requested and clearly describe what it is you want to build or buy.
  • Submit application for review. It generally takes a minimum of 10 to 15 working days to review and process the application (depending upon application volume). An inspection of the property may be conducted.
  • BHD reviewer will ask for additional information if your application is unclear or incomplete and a delay can be expected.
  • BHD staff will approve or deny approval if compliance with regulations cannot be achieved.
  • BHD sign off for all approvals goes to Building Department where reviews from BHD, P&Z and E/PWD are compiled. Upon receipt of all three positive responses, Building Department review process starts.
  • BHD staff files a copy of your approved application in the Public Record in your property file.
See: Town of Bethel Permit Overview for additional information.

Planning & Zoning or Engineering/Public Works Department websites for their permit processes.