New Septic Permit Process

  1. Applicant comes into office to set up soil testing date and pays for soil testing.
  2. Soil testing completed on scheduled date with Professional Engineer (PE) and/or Licensed Septic Installer.
  3. Engineer or Non-Engineer plan submitted for review. Pays for plan review and septic permit. A copy of house plans is required with septic plans from builder to confirm number of bedrooms in house.
  4. Sanitarian reviews Septic Proposal
    (A) Revise for compliance
    (B) Approved
    Notify applicant property owner/all parties and type up Septic Permit.
  5. Process Septic Permit to Building Dept. and a copy to licensed installer.
  6. Engineer/Installer calls for final inspection. Engineer shall be on site with Sanitarian for all final inspections of engineered septic systems constructed.
  7. Engineer submits an Engineered As-built for all Engineered Septic Systems.
  8. Non-engineered systems, installer submits As-built. BHD staff (sanitarian) reviews/approves as-built. A permit to discharge is issued to confirm system constructed per statutes/regulations.
  9. Prior to signing off for CO, a well permit must be approved. A well Completion Report and H2O Analysis must be submitted and checked for compliance – then sign off for CO.