Septic Repair Process

  1. BHD is contacted to discuss the need for a septic repair.
  2. Based on BHD review of public record information and site inspection, soil testing is scheduled with either a PE (Professional Engineer) or LI (Licensed Septic Installer). If the property has limited site/soil conditions, (limiting conditions such as, water, ledge, poor seeping soils, severe slopes or small area available, etc.), found during the review process, a PE will be required. Depending on site limitations, the homeowner may have the option to hire a Licensed Septic Installer to design and install septic repair system.
  3. PE or LI, contacts BHD to set up soil testing date. Soil testing fee is $50.00/lot and is paid before soil testing date. Septic design plan is submitted to BHD for review and approval before any septic work can begin. An "Application to Construct, Alter or Repair a Subsurface Disposal System" must be filled out at this time.
  4. PE septic design plan review fee is $35.00. Additional reviews cost $35.00/each review. There is no fee for non-engineered plan reviews. Reviews are for Public Health Code compliance.
  5. BHD notifies applicant/property owner when septic repair plan approved. Licensed Septic Installer signs the septic permit application and pays the septic repair permit fee of $50.00. BHD sanitarian issues the septic repair permit. All involved parties receive a copy. Installer calls to notify BHD 24 hours prior to starting the repair work – Sanitarian responsible to inspect the work.
  6. PE schedules final inspection with BHD staff & LI for all PE design plan installations. The Licensed Septic Installer schedules final inspection for non-engineered installations. If installation approved, ok given to backfill - As-built plan is submitted as indicated on septic permit. As-built plan is reviewed and approved and a permit to discharge is issued by BHD.
  7. Septic permit, final approved design plan (proposal to construct), As-built plans and permit to discharge information are filed in the town public record property files.