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3/15/2017 - Information regarding mailbox and post damage during normal snow removal operations.

Mailbox Replacement Policy

It shall be the policy of the Bethel Department of Public Works that if any mailbox or post, is damaged as the result of snow removal operations, the responsibility for making repairs shall be borne by the property owner. The Department of Public Works will not be responsible for mailbox damage from snow being discharged from snow removal equipment.

When a mailbox or post is damaged by direct contact from our snow removal equipment, the following will occur.
Inspection of mailbox and post to determine cause of damage.
Inspector will determine who is at fault (improper installation of mailbox, or plow operator error).
Following investigation, the mailbox or post will be repaired or replaced if the plow operator is at fault.
Decorator mailboxes and posts that receive direct contact from snow removal equipment will be replaced with a standard mailbox and post.

*The majority of mailbox and post damage is the result of improper installation or maintenance. A properly installed and maintained mailbox will withstand the snow removal operations that occur during the winter months.

*It is very uncommon that a mailbox is directly contacted with snow removal equipment. The average number of mailboxes that receive direct contact from snow removal equipment during a snow storm is less than one percent. Non contact mailbox knockdowns may average more then one hundred or more per snow storm.

*The Public Works Department will assist elderly or impaired property owners with repairing damage to their mailbox or post.

Mailbox and Post Installation

Front of mailbox must be 12 inches minimum 18 inches maximum from curb line or edge of roadway.

Bottom of mailbox must be 40 to 44 inches above roadway elevation.

Post should be constructed of pressure treated wood, 4 inch by 4 inch minimum post size.
#8 minimum size screws that are weather resistant should be used during assembly of mailbox and post.
(Do not use nails)
Proper installation and maintenance of your mailbox and post will help to prevent damage during snow removal operations.

Thank you.