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2/2/2018 - Metro North Parking Information


The newly expanded Bethel Metro-North Parking Lot is complete. Daily Parking is available to the far left of the lot. Each parking space is numbered with signage. The daily parking kiosk is located along the walkway to the left of the train station. Payment is by parking SPACE NUMBER. The kiosk accepts coin, credit and debit cards. A mobile app will soon become available for your smartphone. Look for notice of this. 

Enforcement is between the hours of 5 AM-6 PM Monday through Friday. Weekends and holidays are free to park. The fee for daily parking is $0.25 per hour. 

Annual permit parking is available in any spot other than the daily numbered spaces. The cost for an annual permit is $250.00. This permit must be obtained through the Town Clerk's Office. 203-794-8505. Annual permits are renewed the first week of November - December every year. Permits are sold anytime during the year pro-rated by $21.00 per month beginning in February.

The EV electric charging station spots are subject to the same rules, daily fee or annual permit. 

PLEASE NOTE: The "Daily Fare" cafe is an independent business and not affiliated with the town hall or parking for the station. Direct all inquiries to the Town Clerk.