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8/3/2020 - Safety Announcement - Tropical Storm ISAIAS


Tropical Storm Isaias will arrive in our area tomorrow morning, Tuesday, August 4th. Heavy rain and significant winds are expected. We haven’t been subjected to very much tropical storm or hurricane activity in recent years, so a review of basic safety preparations is in order.

Make sure you have a supply of fresh drinking water on hand, especially if your water supply comes from your own private well. In the event of a power interruption, your water pump will not work.

If your basement is prone to flooding in heavy rains, consider moving valuables or furnishings to a higher location.

Secure awnings, outdoor furniture and patio umbrellas so they cannot become airborne. 

In the event of a power failure:

Report power outages directly to Eversource Energy by calling 800-286-2000. Please do not call town hall; Eversource will only accept power outage reports directly from their customers. They do not accept “forwarded” reports from town hall staff.

Do not approach downed power lines for any reason!

Do not attempt to clear or trim trees that are tangled in downed power lines!

If you have a portable generator, be sure you have a properly installed backfeed cutoff switch before using to properly isolate your home from the electrical grid. Improperly installed home generators can cause power backfeeds that can injure or kill utility workers.

Report downed trees that are blocking roadways to the Bethel Police Department non-emergency line at 203-744-7900, press “0” for the dispatch desk. The police department will coordinate with the highway department.

Please stay safe!
Matt Knickerbocker