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12/30/2021 - Community Newsletter 2021

Community Newsletter


December 30, 2021


Governor Lamont recently announced that the State of Connecticut will make free home COVID test kits available to the public free of charge. The state will receive a total of about 3 million home test kits, which will be allocated to each municipality on the basis of population.

Bethel will receive approximately 2,600 home test kits for general distribution. Each kit contains materials for two tests. Bethel’s Office of Emergency Management will set aside a small number of test kits for use by first responders; the rest will be made available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, a second shipment of test kits over and above this amount and will be distributed directly to students through the schools.

Bethel emergency staff and volunteers are currently standing by, ready to begin distribution as soon as the kits arrive. As you may have seen in news reports, the shipment has been delayed. More information about distribution will be released as soon as the shipment of test kits arrives. In the meantime, please review the following general information:

  • Primary focus is on the members of the public who intend to gather with others or believe they may have been exposed or currently have COVID and have not been tested.
  • You must be a Bethel resident and show identification with your Bethel address.
  • Please wear a mask when you arrive at the distribution point to pick up your test kit.
  • Test kits are limited to two per household. Due to the limited availability, residents with only one or two members in their household are respectfully asked to accept only one kit for their household to ensure the greatest number of Bethel residents have an opportunity to obtain a test kit.
  • Parents of school-age children should expect more information about test kit distribution through the school system next week.

Final comment for 2021: We urge everyone to exercise extreme caution in your New Year’s Eve celebration plans. As always, wear a mask to protect yourself and those around you.